Many Call For Biden’s Resignation Or Impeachment

Written by: Amanda Angulo

Biden and his administration made the disastrous decision to hastily withdraw American troops from Afghanistan soil. The process was so abrupt, unorganized, and terribly planned, it cost lives. Now he is facing several attacks from all sides, even fellow Democrats.

For example, Democratic Representative Susan Wild went to Twitter and posted: “although it is clear to me that we could not continue to put American servicemembers in danger for an unwinnable war, I also believe that the evacuation process appears to have been egregiously mishandled.”

Additionally, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has criticized Biden for shifting the blame onto Trump instead of taking accountability. Pompeo even clarified that Trump’s administration had a “conditions-based” agreement with the Taliban, which is nowhere near similar to Biden’s plan.

House Republicans are also working hard to introduce the impeachment of Secretary of State Antony Blinken for failing to uphold his oath and adequately advise the president on the consequences of abandoning American citizens and allies.

“Secretary Blinken has failed to faithfully uphold his oath and has instead presided over a reckless abandonment of our nation’s interests, security, and values in his role in the withdrawal of American forces and diplomatic assets from Afghanistan,” read the impeachment articles that were introduced on Friday by two House GOP members.

Many in Congress call for Biden to be held accountable for his actions and decisions leading to the horrific withdrawal effort. Some are even calling for his impeachment or resignation. “Well, Joe, you’ve proven yourself incapable of handling your job as Commander in Chief. You ignored your advisors, rushed this haphazard withdrawal without appropriate conditions, and before evacuating our citizens and friends. Your ineptitude has now cost at least 12 American lives,” said GOP Representative Tom Rice.


Image from: The News and Observer