Mr. Lorena Gonzales (Nathan Fletcher) Threatens San Diego Businesses

Written by: Nathaniel Mannor 

Once again, the Democratic majority has overstepped its bounds with its latest vaccine push. San Diego County now recommends that businesses require their employees to receive the vaccine or subject themselves to weekly testing starting Monday. The county is also considering adding penalties for companies that don’t blindly follow the whims of the government. Though the word “recommend” is a bit of an understatement considering who is behind this “recommendation.”

That’s right; this latest mandate comes from Public Enemy #1, Mr. Lorena Gonzales (also commonly referred to as Nathan Fletcher). The Board of Supervisors Chair stated that he hopes government pressure will push the unvaccinated to get inoculated, saying, “There’s a segment of the population out there who are willing (to get the vaccine), but need a nudge.” He also mentioned that some people would never get the shot, breaking with Newsom and his radical agenda on this issue.

But this policy will ultimately backfire. Most San Diego residents who turned away the vaccine are conservatives who shun government intervention, especially within the private sector. At the very least, Nathan Fletcher does not speak the language of Republicans. Threatening businesses to conform to a political agenda is the antithesis of the American business economy.

Individuals who choose not to get vaccinated are just looking out for their health while understanding the risk they may face. They should not bear public scrutiny for deciding what to inject into their bodies. Free will is still the fabric that’s woven throughout every individual in the United States, and although public health outways individual liberty, those who trade freedom for safety deserve neither.


Picture by J. Stephen Conn