Newsom Employs Misleading Statistic In Order To Gain Votes

Written by: Andrew Morris

As California sees itself at the cusp of a substantial change with the upcoming recall election, Newsom and his constituents are pining for any scrap of evidence that he has contributed to the good of California. His most recent ploy relates to a job-creation effort that is leading the nation. “California continues to lead the nation’s economic recovery, adding 114,400 new jobs in July – more new jobs than any other state, and the fourth time this year of six-figure job gains.”

Newsom has spun this in a positive light, but he has neglected to add that California is still running second place for the highest unemployment rate in the nation despite this growing number.

At a whopping 7.6% unemployment rate, California is tied with both New Mexico and New York for this statistic, meaning that approximately 3,000,000 people are without jobs. Thus despite “leading the nation’s economic recovery,” California still has much to go before attaining economic sustainability on par with the Trump Administration’s prosperity in years prior. However, with Newsom at the helm, such goals will most likely never come to fruition based on his former track record over the first spike of the Pandemic.

This fact was notably pointed out by the California Republican Party’s Chairwoman, Jessica Millan Patterson. She tweeted Monday in response to Newsom’s statistics that “Gavin Newsom’s CA isn’t ‘roaring back,’ it’s barely scraping by,” following up with the shocking statistic that CA makes up 21.4% of new unemployment claims in the nation, despite only accounting for only 11.7% of its workforce.

It is important to note that many people speculate unemployment rates will drop following the weekly $300 unemployment benefit extensions ending on Sept. 4. As this date nears, along with the much-anticipated recall election, Californians are desperate to see any long-lasting changes to the government and the economy.