CA Teacher Caught With Inappropriate Posters Saying: “F— Amerikkka. This Is Native Land” And “F— The Police.”

Written by: Nathaniel Mannor

The Left continues its indoctrination scheme as more public schools fall prey to Critical Race Theory. They wish to teach white students to feel guilty about their skin color and label them oppressors. Meanwhile, Leftist teachers simultaneously force black students to view themselves as ‘victims .’ Most importantly, the Left wants all children to know that America is evil. There is, however, one check on all this racist madness: the pushback from parents.

At Alexander Hamilton High School, a parent sounded the alarm over anti-America posters displayed proudly throughout his child’s classroom. The concerned father took pictures of the blasphemous signs, reading “F— Amerikkka. This is Native land” and “F— the Police.”

But the buck doesn’t stop there. This parents also photographed a pride flag, a transgender flag, a Black Lives Matter flag, and a Palestinian flag hanging in the class. Worst of all was the final poster that read, “Policing is a violent, anti-Black, settler institution that originated as slave patrols. Their primary mandate is to protect property and to militarily enforce White supremacist capitalism. They are doing their jobs as they are trained and paid to do. You can’t fix what isn’t broken. That’s why we fight for police and prison abolition. F— the Police.”

A couple of things:

Palestinians either shove gay and transgender people off of rooftops or kill them on site. Putting the Palestinian flag up there with LGBT flags is like lumping in the Jews with the Nazis.

Capitalism is not a tool of white supremacy as capitalism runs on a meritocracy that views people as individuals who work hard to make it in the free market. Many prominent white supremacists favor socialism because they can construct a hierarchy based on race and allocate resources on that basis.

America is not stolen land. Most of America was purchased from the natives, such as Roger Williams, who bought land from the Narragansett Indians to find the Rhode Island colony.

Most of all, America is not a racist country, and neither are the police. Cops keep us safe from crime and protect our fundamental human rights, yet the Leftist media can show police footage of them with black suspects and ruin not only their careers but all police worldwide. And as for America, if you truly hate this country, you’re free to leave. But don’t come crawling back when you realize just how good you had it here in the greatest nation ever to exist.


Image from: Fox News