Democrat Supervisors Vote COVID Misinformation As Public Health Crisis

Written by: Nathaniel Mannor

We live in a clown world: hypocrisy is leadership, and government control is safety. But none is more clownish than how Democrats manipulate COVID 19 “science” to tell parents how to parent and how people should live. They say ‘follow the science’ when the science they promote is very questionable.

On Tuesday, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted on Agenda item #19 in a 3-2 vote declaring COVID misinformation a public health crisis. Leading the charge in favor of the item was none other than the loathsome Nathan Fletcher. “At a pivotal time in our history, with an FDA-approved vaccine available to all San Diegans free of charge and booster shots recommended later this year, health misinformation now presents a greater threat to public health than a variant of COVID-19,” Nathan Fletcher adamantly stated.

It is very flabbergasting that the Board of Supervisors chair would boldly assert that if anything disagrees with his “science,” it is worse than knowingly giving someone the Delta Variant. If someone stated that crocodiles are harmless, is that worse than pushing someone into a crocodiles’ mouth? Public Enemy Number 1 Nathan Fletcher would have us believe so.

The item seeks to recognize misinformation and identify the sources, stop the spread of misinformation, and locate the “right” information on a government website. But Mr. Lorena Gonzalez  insisted that “Nothing in this measure would take away anyone’s right to say whatever they want to say.” Like how the Democrats insisted on a return to normalcy, yet Fauci wants to prolong the pandemic until Fall 2022, or when YouTube blocked Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) for questioning the so-called experts?

Jim Desmond, Supervisor of District 5,  struck back. During the hearing, Desmond acknowledged that COVID misinformation is a problem but that the government does not regulate freedom of speech. “In the past 18 months, there have been many contradictions made by all the experts, and today’s facts may very well become tomorrow’s misinformation,” Desmond said.

And that’s the point. When Democrats whine about misinformation, they mean anything that doesn’t support their restrictive agenda. That’s why Nancy Pelosi fines any Congressmen who don’t wear a mask in the House Chamber, or why AOC (D-Twitch) did a photoshoot with her cover on but immediately took it off when the cameras weren’t looking. Throughout history, those who stand for freedom are remembered as heroes, and those who don’t are cowards; case and point: Nathan Fletcher.


Photo from: KFMB