Dirty Little Secret: Unemployment In CA Is High Because Of Vaccine Mandates And AB5

Written by: Stephen Frank

As expected with other of society’s problems, the government is at the core of the situation. Between high taxes, AB 5 killing jobs, and vaccine mandates forcing people to decide between their long-term health, common sense, and their jobs, California has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. As hundreds of firms leave the state, jobs are lost. What jobs are we getting? Shipping jobs working for Amazon or seasonal delivery jobs working for UPS and FedEx.

Although California created 44% of the nation’s new jobs last month, its unemployment rate remained the second-highest in the country at 7.5%. That’s essentially unchanged from the 7.6% unemployment rate California notched in both July and June — and hardly different from the 7.7% rate in May, a month before the state ended most coronavirus restrictions and fully reopened its economy. Many would have expected the unemployment rate to go down after the state ended its COVID-19 lockdown. However, Newsome continues to strangle businesses by enforcing new mandates and restrictions.

Moreover, AB 5 goes on to blame lack of child care, overwhelmed human resources departments, and other factors:

Some experts had predicted that the federal government’s Sept. 4 cutoff of expanded unemployment benefits for 2.2 million Californians would prompt people to reenter the workforce. Still, there hasn’t been a noticeable shift so far. Around 55,000 Californians filed new jobless claims for the week ending Sept. 11, a decrease of fewer than 3,000 people from the week before, federal data show. And the Golden State lost more than 6,000 education and health services payroll jobs in August, exacerbating an already dire nurse shortage.

This is not good. And, it will get worse, not better. Due to Prop.12, chicken and hog farmers will be squeezed—with hog farmers forced to leave the state—and those still here not having bacon with our expensive eggs.


Image from: niroworld/Adobe Stock