Gavin Newsom’s New Affordable Housing Bill

Written by: Nathaniel Mannor

The newly reinstated governor of California is wasting any time continuing his authoritarian crackdowns on our civil liberties. I mean, he did waste time with his pathetic victory speech claiming that California chose diversity and inclusion, said the rich white man who beat a black conservative from South Central LA. Yep, the diversity and inclusion are strong with this one. But two days after the recall election and we’re already paying the price for our stupid decision.

On September 16, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate bill 9, allowing two to four duplexes located on single-family housing lots. This new reality means that families who own their own houses on their land may be forced to share their property with another home located on their land. State Senate Leader Tony Atkins (D-San Diego) stated the bill helps alleviate the housing crisis in California.

The senator explained, “This bill is about opening the door for more families to pursue their version of the California Dream — whether that means building a home for an elderly parent to live in, creating a new source of income, buying that first house, or being welcomed into a new neighborhood. It’s about giving parents the chance to pass on wealth to their children and giving neighbors the chance to make our communities more inclusive.”

But that’s not the whole story. The League of California Cities says, “Even worse, there are no provisions in SB 9 that require new housing to be affordable, continuing the cycle of the construction of new units that are out of reach for many working-class families.” Not only that, but the bill’s range of influence is under speculation.

The Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley estimated that the new law marks 410,000 parcels (5.4%) of single-family homes that face conversion into double housing lots. The Democrats could wake up and realize their efforts are wasted with such little land to conduct business on, or they could add units to whichever single-family houses they feel like. Which option do you think they’ll pursue?

Do-nothing Democrats still have an ace up their sleeve, the dreaded race card. Single-family housing was designed to keep black families from moving into white neighborhoods after segregation was outlawed. Even if that were true, does that mean that good, hard-working families must share their land in the name of “racial tolerance?” That also assumes that all black people are poor while all white people are wealthy and prosperous. It’s pretty amusing to hear anti-segregation messages from the Left when they wish to separate us by race on college campuses to “keep minorities safe” while throwing racial slurs at anyone who dares think for themselves.


Photo from: AP Photo/Ben Margot