General Mark Milley Has A Date With Congress On Sept. 28th

Written by: Sasha Reva

Milley tries to defend himself from secret calls he made to China. For context, he called the Chinese General behind former President Trump’s back. Many indicate that his acts were treasonous; however, he claims they were “perfectly within duties, routine.”

General Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, addressed reports that he made secret phone calls to his counterpart in China to warn them if then- President Donald Trump was planning an attack.

General Milley is going to be testified under oath before Congress on September 28th. “I think I should reserve my comments on the record until I do that in front of the lawmakers who have the lawful responsibility to oversee the U.S. military,” Milley said in a statement. “I’ll go into any level of detail Congress wants to go into in a couple
of weeks.”

“These are routine calls to discuss issues of the day, to reassure both allies and adversaries, in this case, to ensure strategic stability,” he said. “And these are perfectly within the duties and responsibilities of the chairman.” “I will go into any level of detail Congress wants to go into,” he said.

On Thursday, retired Gen. Don Bolduc called on Gen. Mark Milley to resign amid allegations he overstepped his power during the end of Trump’s presidency. On “Fox & Friends,” he said that military members had lost confidence in the chairman due to his “irresponsible” behavior. Milley has garnered support from Democrats, which is not surprising since they will stop at nothing to attack Trump, even if that means risking national security.


Photo from: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images