L.A. County Passes Motion To Shutdown Urban Oil Fields

Written by: Stephen Frank 

L.A. knows how to kill jobs and raise the price of living. Recently, LA County Supervisors took a step toward a complete ban on oil and gas production within its borders after the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion to phase it out on unincorporated land. It’s the largest urban area in the country to declare such a ban, which will impact over a thousand active wells.

In passing the motion, which designates existing oil and gas wells as no longer valid under current zoning law, it is unclear how oil companies would be allowed to make up at least some of their investments on the banned wells. With companies losing money and people losing jobs, Los Angeles does not have a plan to recoup what they will lose out on.

County Supervisor Holly Mitchell co-authored the motion, citing concerns regarding health and environmental implications due to the oil wells. However, it is unclear where this research has come from or what data she is extrapolating. Additionally, Mitchell said that nearly 73% of county residents living near wells are people of color.”

This is is not about safety—but harming the rights to jobs of people of color. And, it is by a Supervisor “of color.” She has her career. She doesn’t want people in her community to also have a well-paying job—or reasonable gas prices to get to work in their car. This is racism in 2021.


Photo from: PHYSORG