Newsom Signs $15 Billion Law For Climate Change

Written by: Nathaniel Mannor

California is circling the drain. From soaring gas prices to the homeless occupying LA, housing shortages, endless Covid-19 lockdowns and mandates, and Gavin Newsom’s re-election, it seems like the Golden State is tarnished. So naturally, our governor is focussing on what matters most at home: climate change.

With Sequoia National Park on fire, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a $15 billion climate package that addresses combating the raging wildfires, the drought, extreme heat, and rising sea levels. Seems perfectly normal right? Newsom even said after signing the bill, “Here we are with these sentinels to our history. You’ve got trees that quite literally date back to over 3,300 years ago. You can’t rebuild a giant sequoia. And that’s why we’re here with a deep sense of urgency.” This seems like something we can all agree on, yet the Left always has a hidden agenda up their sleeve.

Leftist activists criticized Newsom for not including reductions to fossil fuels in the bill. As Alexandra Nagy, director of Food and Water Watch California, put it, “It lacks the ultimate fire prevention method: stopping new permits for the drilling of fossil fuels. Leaving out such a key climate change accelerator. Is wildly shortsighted.”

This so-called expert fails to understand that we need fossil fuels for power. If we abandon fossil fuels and pursue renewable energy sources like solar and wind, we’ll release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Since fossil fuels are our best option since we can’t store our energy this way and fall back onto coal-fired plants, just ask Germany. They tried it and failed. So let’s continue to focus on halting the fires rather than pointing the finger at those you disagree with. But Leftists won’t go for that because if there’s no chaos, their pathetic movement dies out.


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