Taliban Spokesperson Speaks Out Regarding Women’s Rights And U.S. Relations

Written by: Sasha Reva

On Friday, a Taliban spokesperson named Suhail Shaheen claimed in an interview with Fox News that “there will be no issue about women’s rights.” Shaheen went on to say that he believes “women should not have education without a hijab.” Expanding from this viewpoint, Shaheen made sure to emphasize that in “our culture… They can receive education with a hijab. They can work with a hijab.”

Shaheen highlighted that he wants America and the Taliban to be working together in a positive way that benefits both sides. He assured the public that “there will be no issue about women’s rights. No problem about their education, their work.” He is trying to ensure the public that women will still have rights and opportunities. However, this drastically contradicts the Taliban’s code of strict Shariah law, where women cannot even walk on the streets.

Following Suhail Shaheen’s press conference, it almost appeared as if he was promoting good public relations in a global spotlight for the Taliban. The Afghan people, and the American public, quickly see through this nonsense. However, the Taliban is not trying to appeal to rational people; they are trying to appeal to an incoherent administration. Biden has stated that he will not entertain negotiations with the Taliban. However, he has given them the names of Americans still looking for their return to the states, proving that Biden trusts the Taliban in some capacity: with the lives of our fellow citizens.


Photo from: AFP