U.S. Announces New Security Partnership To Combat China

Written by: Natalia Perez

Recently, President Biden announced a new security partnership between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom that seeks to strengthen stability as China expands its military influence. Biden motive behind the initiative is to ensure that each country has modern capabilities to defend against evolving threats.

The three countries plan to deepen their technology capabilities through sharing information amongst each other through their cyber, artificial intelligence and quantum technologies. These countries have been sharing intelligence for years now, along with New Zealand and Canada which is known as the “Five Eyes Alliance.”

This formation will help out Australia’s capital of Canberra in gaining nuclear powered submarines. This is essential to grow Australia’s navy to defend the threats of China in their region.

This formation came together after the United States and the United Kingdom ended their 20 year military presence in Afghanistan. At first Biden claimed that the United States exit from Afghanistan was to end the war. However, now his explanation has shifted towards countering the emerging threats from China and Russia. It is clear that Biden is trying to sweep the mess he has created in Afghanistan under the rug with his countless explanations that defend his inexcusable pull out was the right decision. Perhaps Biden’s public relations team needs a raise.


Photo from: Win McNamee/Getty Images