East County Transitional Living Center Opens New Housing Units

Written by Vincent Hale

The East County Transitional Living Center has opened its new living spaces on Thursday.

These buildings were paid for by donations and were built by volunteers who gave their time and effort. The new buildings were built in less than a day with the help of over a hundred construction workers from all over San Diego. 

The newly added facilities have enabled this organization to make more space at their living center, transformed from a motel to aid approximately 150 families with children.

The founder of the organization, Harold Brown, said he would do more for those living at these dorms. While in the program, everyone will have access to many programs and services intended to help them get back on their feet. 

Harold Brown said that “They lost their community, they lost their family and their hope.” He also said they end up addicted and hurt on the streets but “They’re not throw away people. We need to help them get back to their life.”  

One of those individuals, Daniel Guzman, stated that he never imagined he would wind up on the streets with his daughter. Guzman said he owned a painting company, but things took a turn for the worse, and he began making wrong decisions.

 “We got into substance abuse, all those things when you’re trying to numb yourself when you’re trying to hide from that pain or not think about things, that led us deeper and deeper,” Guzman said.

Guzman is hopeful that he can share his experience with other people who are struggling as well. He said feels like he is finally getting his life back in order. 

“You see from the beginning, the progress and how they’re being restored, it’s just beautiful,” he said.

East County Transitional Living Center has done great things for the El Cajon community and will continue to lift those who are struggling back on their feet.