First Set of California Redistricting Lines Published

With 2022 elections a little over a month away, new lines will need to be drawn from data collected from the 2020 census. In California, the state will lose one congressional seat, making the total of seats 52 instead of 53. State Senate and Assembly seats will also be changing.  However, many people may not be particularly pleased with the way the lines have been drawn for both sets of maps that have been introduced. 

In San Diego, the old 50th congressional district has been massively changed, with some of its parts closer to the coastline being lumped in with the coastal areas. The areas of San Marcos and Bonsall have been redrawn into a district that includes La Jolla and Carlsbad. Much of the East County area that the 50th represents currently will now include Poway and the neighborhoods of Carmel Valley all the way to the 5 interstate near Del Mar. In the second map proposed, the communities of Lakeside and the city of El Cajon are joined with parts of the 53rd and 51st which include central San Diego.

In the State Senate redistricting, one of the newly drawn districts includes the areas stretching from Imperial Beach and includes much of East and Northeast San Diego county, all of Imperial county, and a chunk of Southeast Riverside County that goes all the way to the Arizona border. For the State Assembly, one proposed district has Santee and Lakeside in the same district as areas of central San Diego such as downtown and Hillcrest. 

The lines drawn are clearly not representative of San Diego as a county and they seem to be drawn by somebody who does not understand the area of San Diego and the different communities and cities that are in it. It is also clear that the lines are meant to make seats that were safe for Republicans into toss-up seats or lean Democrat. If you would like to see the full California redistricting maps click this link