Plane Crash in Santee near Santana High School, Two Confirmed Dead

A plane crash in Santee crashed into homes just two blocks away from Santana High School. Police have closed off much of the surrounding streets including Mast Blvd and Magnolia Ave. as fire crews clean the area and tend to those who have been injured.
Fire crews have confirmed that two people did die in the crash, “We know there is at least two. It’s a pretty brutal scene.” They have also confirmed that two people were taken to the hospital. Much is currently not known of the crash or the extent of the injuries as the crash took place around 12:15 pm. It is unknown how many people were on board but the type of plane has been confirmed as being a Cessna C340. According to the county the plane was coming from Yuma, Arizona and was scheduled to land at Montgomery Airport. There appears to be no contact with the plane and Gillespie Field, the airport just south of Santee, and it appears that the plane made no attempt to land at Gillespie. 

Santana High School released in a statement that they were under a “secure campus”  and that all students were secure at the time of the crash. The school was given the O.K by the city of Santee to come out of their “secure campus” status and allowed students to return to class or leave if they did not have any more classes. 

This would be the second airplane to crash in a San Diego residential community in recent years. In 2008, an F/A 18 crashed in the University City neighborhood killing four after the plane suffered engine failure on route to Miramar. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by this terrible tragedy. 

Photo Cred: Randy Siegel