Prices and Inflation Continue to Rise Under Biden Admin

Written by William Hekman

Even though we are not a full year through the Biden administration, it seems like a broken record that the numbers for the economy are not good. Job reports and inflation have been the main pieces of evidence to show Biden’s poor handling of the economy, and democrats seem to be unfazed by the numbers, and continue to believe that they can throw trillions of dollars at the problem to make it go away. 

The September jobs report was very poor as only 194,000 jobs were added of an estimated 500,000. The inflation numbers are some of the worst the U.S economy has seen in decades. Inflation increased 5.4% over last year, the highest rate in 13 years. That means that inflation was better off during the Great Recession in 2008. A deeper dive into the prices report shows an even more shocking picture. 

The biggest items that have people concerned are food, gas and vehicles. Food prices rose 4.6% from last year and food at home rose 4.6%. Food at home also saw a monthly increase of 1.2%. Energy rose 24.8% compared to last year, even as there was a slight decrease in prices compared to last month. One of the largest and most glaring increases was in gasoline, which has risen 41.7% from last year. Used cars have also been one that has heavily increased during Biden’s tenure. While new vehicles rose 8.7% from last year, used cars were nearly triple that at 24.4%. 

Once again, the Biden administration has shown that it is tone deaf when it comes to the economy. Prices continue to go up and people are not returning to work. It has shown in his approval ratings which only have him at 38% approval according to the most recent Quinnipiac poll. Biden and the democrats are still attempting to push their $3.5 trillion dollar agenda that would only exacerbate the economic situation. 

Photo Cred: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images