SD County to Go After Ghost Guns

Written by Nathaniel Manor

Banning guns should reduce gun violence, right? Wrong. As we learned from the Prohibition Era, prohibiting an activity only drives it underground. Sadly, the Democrats haven’t learned this lesson and continue to push gun violence “safety” precautions by limiting our access to firearms. And like the Prohibition years, Americans are making their guns free from government surveillance until now.

On Wednesday, San Diego announced they would move to ban ghost guns to curb gun violence. The plan is to restrict the possession, distribution, or creation of  firearms  without serial numbers or parts of weapons and establish new standards for firearm storage. Ghost guns are homemade firearms without serial numbers. This feature makes them untraceable and helps evade state and federal regulations.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors will vote on the ban on October 19. But who could be behind such a nefarious scheme? That’s right; it’s Public Enemy Number 1, Mr. Lorena Gonzales. Mr. Lorena Gonzales, also known as Nathan Fletcher, introduced the proposal to the Board of Supervisors and explained that “We are bringing common-sense gun reforms to San Diego County. Guns that can not be tracked are a clear and present danger that is impacting our communities; by regulating their use and production, we will save lives. Our inclusion of safe storage practices in this policy will protect gun owners, their families, and visitors; and by investing in gun violence prevention programs, our early intervention can protect individuals in our community from harm.”

The real clear and present danger is the continued government overreach into our daily lives. The Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd amendment so the people could protect themselves against the government should they infringe on our rights. In other words, the 2nd amendment is in case the first one fails. And right now, our freedom of speech is on the decline. Banning ghost guns is just one step in the Democrats’ plan to grow the government and establish a new form of totalitarianism. It happened all across Europe and Asia, and unfortunately, it can happen here.

Photo Cred: KUSI