Shots Fired at Border Highlights the Failures of the Biden Administration

Written by William Hale

Republican President Ronald Reagan once asserted that “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

Of course, this fundamental truth is not being honored under the Biden administration. On Thursday, gun fire flew across the southern border in the small Texas town of Roma. The perpetrators of these threats appear to be rival Mexican drug cartels. 

According to soldiers in the National Guard, there have been “many cartel gunfights in the area.”

To make this safety hazard even more sad and humiliating for Biden, soldiers reported taunting coming from the cartel’s end. In addition to the violence and chaos persisting at the southern border under the Biden administration, any real attempt at keeping an eye on people crossing our border illegally has failed.

Reporter Bill Melugin documented several rafts of hundreds of families floating across the river into Texas. Melugin mentioned that only one boat of illegal aliens was rejected by the National Guard.  

Pressure from Americans in the Southwest have been piling on the Biden administration. While there have been endless demonstrations of incompetence from the President already, securing our borders and maintaining national security has perhaps been his most explicit failure. 

With the absence of former President Trump’s emphasis on restricting illegal immigration, National Guard soldiers and Border Patrol have been unable to efficiently stop illegal aliens and smugglers from entering our country. Melugin notes that soldiers have fear for their personal safety, and this has interfered with their objectives. In other words, retaliation coming from illegals is a legitimate concern for our National Guard. 

Secretary of State Tony Blinkin, along with DHS secretary Mayorkas and Attorney General Garland are headed to Mexico to discuss the southern border crisis. A notable absence from the trip is VP Kamala Harris the appointed “border czar” who has yet to make a trip since being appointed in March and has avoided questions on the border throughout her tenure. 

Photo Cred: Paul Ratje/Reuters