State Senator Brian Jones Introduces Legislation to Change SVP Placements

Written by Nathaniel Manor

“For the children” is a common phrase that Nancy Pelosi  often uses to push her radical agenda. But right now, California is not looking out “for the children” as  Governor Gavin Newsom is letting two sexual predators out of prison and back into San Diego communities because of the state’s conditional release system (CONREP). This system releases sexual predators while receiving treatment but ignores repeat offenders with severe mental disorders. So what do we do?

State Senator Brian Jones of the 38th district proposed a bill that would change the conditional release system. “My bill will do a couple of things. One: It’s going to require additional steps between the time from which they are eligible for conditional release and the time a neighborhood is proposed for possible placement. So, I am calling for additional steps in between there, giving local communities more ability to have their say,” Jones explained.

Jones isn’t the only one fighting for change as District Attorney Summer Stephen is on board. “This issue is going to continue; this is a bigger issue. We need to have some changes to the way these placements are made. Unfortunately, we’re seeing laws going back and rolling back our laws put in place like Jessica’s Laws and Chelsea’s Law that protects against these releases.”

The state legislature will take up the bill this January, but Jones is fighting an uphill battle. For one, the Democrats have a supermajority in both houses of Congress and will need bipartisan support for his plan. Additionally, the California Department of State Hospitals and Liberty Healthcare decides where sexually violent predators live, meaning that Jones has to take on the Democrat-controlled bureaucracy.

The government was put into place to protect our rights from those who would infringe upon our liberty, and protecting the people against sexual predators should be a top priority. Yet Newsom’s reluctance to change the conditional release system shows that our rights are not on his mind. Hopefully, the state legislature will stand up to our governor and pass this bill to protect the people.

Photo Cred: ABC 10 News KGTV