The Threat to Label Patriots as “Terrorists” has Only Become More Real Here in California

Parents in California (and all across the country) are justifiably speaking out against Critical Race Theory (CRT). Not only does this radical concept aim to push students into racial boxes, it insists that every aspect of the United States be observed through a racial lens. The National School Board Association believes these courageous parents should be understood as “Domestic Terrorists,” all for rejecting this indoctrination of their children.

This all stemmed from the NSBA making a complaint to the DOJ, suggesting that moms and dads exercising their first amendment right are participating in “hate crimes.” In response to these NSBA claims, Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to crack down on these rightfully angered parents. It is becoming more clear everyday that California parents are under attack from the Biden administration all for rejecting the normalization of racism in their children’s school curriculum.

Over the last year, teachers’ unions in California have proven to be adversarial to the interests of our state’s parents and children. In Los Angeles, teachers are set to get a hefty raise despite having shut down their schools and damaged the learning abilities and education of hundreds of young children.  With their funding of the Governors’ recall campaign, teachers unions will continue to get their way when it comes to CRT, vaccine mandates, and any other Government overreach despite the grievances of student parents themselves.

The unions’ leverage over Newsom is something Californians may have to get used to. However, out of this madness in our schools, there is a golden opportunity for parents to organize and maintain pressure on school boards to keep their children’s best interests.

Photo Cred: Jeff Chiu/ AP