Where is Gavin Newsom’s Plan? Fire Season is Back

Written by Sasha Reva

We all know that California’s wildfires season always starts at the end of July and continues until October. We had time to prepare but Newsom thought that we would be fine without the extra help.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention said that it will direct about $138 million in funding for 105 local fire prevention projects that will help protect California.

“California and the western U.S. are facing an unparalleled risk of catastrophic wildfire in this new climate reality. These grants will further our work to tackle California’s forest health and wildfire crisis, funding community-based projects that build resilience to protect lives and property,” said Governor Newsom.

Fires that have recently sparked are the KNP Complex Fire and the Windy Fire in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park.  The fires have forced evacuations in the surrounding areas of the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada mountain range. The KNP Complex is only 20% contained and has burned over 55,000 acres while the Windy Fire is 52% contained.  The Sequoia Kings Canyon area has been devastated by fires recently. Last year, the Castle Fire destroyed an estimated 10-14 percent of the trees in the park despite the trees being one of the oldest and most fire-adapt plant species.

Every single week our lands are being burned by 4-5 fires. Governor Gavin Newsom promised to fix that and make a better fire prevention plan. But it is always promises and not actions. 

Photo from: Brian van der Brug LA Times