Demonstrations in Bolivia Help Defeat ‘Communist Law’

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

Bolivia remains embroiled in public outrage over President Luis Arce’s ‘Communist Law.’ The law attempted to curb illegal earnings and financing for terrorist organizations by giving the president access to people’s bank information and the ability to rule by decree. This led to mass demonstrations starting on November 8, including shutting down transportation routes and exacerbating the economic strife currently plaguing the country.

One demonstrator in Surce, Alejandra Ortiz, exclaimed “This is what socialism tries to do. They want to take everything from us, [but] we won’t let them.”  In the town of Potosi, one demonstrator died after a confrontation broke out between those protesting the law and defenders of the MAS( Movement for Socialism) party. After days of unrest across the nation, Arce made a shocking statement on November 13 in which he would repeal the law.

This isn’t the first time the government caved to the people, such as in 2019 when citizens used similar tactics to force president, Evo Morales, to resign after a highly contested election. Morales is an avowed leftist and was a member of MAS up until his resignation and political exile in Mexico.  Still, many Bolivians remain skeptical as the legislative assembly could keep the law in place. “This approval should not last long because we understand that the repeal [of the law] should be unanimous,” Freddy Mamani, Chamber of Deputies President, explained.

For all the people who believe that true socialism has never been tried, look no further. And this is just one example of the government reaching into the lives of private citizens to oppress them: we have the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, North Vietnam, Cuba, and most of Central and South America. True socialism has been tried; it just fails over and over again.

Photo Cred:  REUTERS/Claudia Morales