Flu Cases in San Diego County Going Up With Public Health Officials Still Pushing COVID Vaccine

San Diego County sees a spike in flu cases that outpace the five-year average. For example, the county reported 28 flu cases this past week compared with the standard of 19 cases for this specific week. What’s more, a total of 257 cases sprung up within a year vs. the 182 case average for the past five years. But with public health concerns at an all-time high, how come the flu is making a comeback?

One reason comes from increasing Covid-19 panic despite the pandemic’s end. Dr. Wilma J. Wooten summed up this phenomenon, saying, “This increase of cases comes at a time when people are interacting and gathering indoors more than last year, and fewer San Diegans have gotten the flu vaccine compared to last season. The best way to lower your risk of getting influenza is to get vaccinated.”

She’s right. That aligns with the latest HHSA report that states that while the hospitalization and death rates remained the same (3% and 0%, respectively), only 690,617 people received flu shots. That number falls far behind the 770,054 shots given out this time in previous years.

Worse is the message change behind vaccines. This past year everyone from politicians to public health employees to celebrities crammed the COVID vaccine down our throats, some have opted out of their immunization. Therefore, we could see some Americans boycott vaccines proven safe with longitudinal studies, such as the flu shot, among others.

The left-wing bureaucracy shot themselves in the foot on this issue, and if they keep pushing COVID vaccines, then pretty soon people will shun vaccines altogether, and that’s on them.

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