Fort Worth School Board Member Doxxed Parent Who Spoke Out Against CRT

Written by T. Logan Dayne

Proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT) have done more to fight against parents than they have helped racial tensions in the United States. Such is the case in Fort Worth, Texas, where a member of the school board’s Racial Equity Committee began doxxing parents.

Doxxing, the act of distributing or publishing private and identifying information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., has been a source of harassment and threat designed to intimidate and silence individuals. Norma Garcia-Lopez, who was appointed to the Racial Equity Committee and advises the school board, said, “Internet do your thang” after releasing the names of several parents who were opposed to critical race theory, a theory based on marxist principles and deconstructs society into hierarchies of the oppressed and the oppressors based around race. Kerri Rehmeyer, a local mother, was singled out by Garcia-Lopez for opposing mask mandates and a CRT based curriculum.

Garica-Lopez shared not only the name and address of other parents who stood up against these mandates but Rehmeyers employer, her phone number, and even emails all while being thanked by fellow activists who revel in this form of stochastic terrorism. Garcia-Lopez went even further to imply that those parents opposing mask mandates were actually white supremacists, writing in a tweet, “Y’all had no problem wearing masks when you were burning crosses on our lawns, bombing our churches, and lynching Black people.”

Rehmeyer is fighting back but has decided not to pursue defamation lawsuits in fear of making things worse with such activists emboldened. The school board has been urged to remove Garcia-Lopez, who has not yet responded to any requests or opportunities to tell her side of the story.

Photo Cred: Fort Worth Star-Telegram