Gas Prices in San Diego County Continue to rise for 10th Consecutive Day

Written by Vincent Cain

The average gas price in San Diego County has risen again on Friday for the 10th consecutive, rising an additional six-tenths of a cent to $4.654. The average price statewide has reached $4.70 for a single gallon of gas.

The price statewide is up 20 cents from last month and about $1.52 from last year. Over the past ten days, the price has increased by 10.9 cents, averaging 1.09 cents per day. 

Gas prices are within 7.1 cents of reaching San Diego County’s highest price of $4.725, which was in Oct. 2012.

The Automobile Club of Southern California’s corporate communications manager, Jeffrey Spring, said, “Wholesale Los Angeles gasoline prices have backed off their highest levels of the year during the past week, but it appears gas stations are still catching up with the increases from last week caused by statewide supply issues and high oil prices that have since backed down a little.”

The head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, Patrick De Haan, said that “We haven’t started to see any relief yet in Southern California.” he also noted that even though gas prices in Southern California had dropped nearly $0.15 over the past week, drivers have not seen any change yet.

“Every station flips its tanks every three to five days, meaning stations are getting access to those lower prices after about three to five days on average, so stations may not be passing along any decreases, though I think the increases should start to quickly taper off,” he said.

Photo Cred: Mario Tama/ Getty Images