George Gascón’s Policies Are Hurting Public Safety in Los Angeles

The ​​district attorney from Los Angeles County, George Gascón, has welcomed numerous policies that promote his radical, anti-law enforcement, pro-criminal agenda. 

These new policies have drastically reduced punishments to their bare minimum and have significantly decreased the prosecution of crime. Since then, Murders, gang shootings, organized theft, and crime rates have skyrocketed.

Gascón’s policies have not only resulted in economic devastation for families and companies ranging from small businesses to large retailers but have also cost innocent human lives.

Some businesses have been forced to shut down their stores altogether due to the vast amount of organized shoplifting. Many people have been traumatized and negatively impacted by rampant violent crime.

Pretending that there is no connection between the recent crime wave and the most radical left-wing criminal justice “reform” measures ever enacted is extreme gaslighting or ignorance.  Gascón’s policies increase the recidivism rate, in addition to his adoption of the no cash bail system is causing even more harm to innocent people.

Gascón’s blanket policies have also prohibited any sentence enhancements or special allegations in courtrooms. Gascón has also attempted to eradicate the charging of enhancements for hate crimes. This new method eliminates the opportunity for judges to impose proper and lawful sentences.

Gascón has also abandoned crime victims’ next of kin when at parole hearings. Under his agenda, the next of kin must confront the criminal at such hearing by themselves. California’s Constitution requires that prosecutors must attend these hearings. It is clear that the people of Los Angeles have been abandoned by Gascón for his radical and twisted ideology. Numerous retired and former deputy district attorneys are now assisting victims in advancing and protecting their rights since Gascón’s policies are opposed to victims’ rights and inter

The justice system already has a number of organizations and individuals, such as public defenders, the ACLU, the Innocence Project, and other political groups that are already pushing for a similar type of justice reform that Gascón is currently pushing even though he is the prosecutor. Gascón can protect defendant’s rights while also serving justice to those who commit violent crimes against others. Unfortunately, Gascón has done neither and has left Los Angeles riddled with violent crime. 

Photo Cred: Al Seib/ Los Angeles Times