Migrants Prepared to Seek Asylum After Lifting of COVID Travel Restrictions

Written by William Hale

Swarms of Mexican and Central American migrants are preparing to cross the US southern border. This development is largely in response to the lifting of COVID restrictions for international travel. Former President Trump implemented bans on most people traveling from nations such as the U.K., South Africa, India, Brazil and China almost 20 months ago.

With non-essential travel now allowed, many migrants see a perfect opportunity to seek asylum. This emerging wave of migrants comes after over 1.7 million migrants were arrested at the southern border during the 2021 fiscal year. Certainly, foreigners looking to immigrate legally or illegally since Biden’s take over of the White House feel more confident in their chances at making the jump. With the absence of Trump and his strict-on-immigration rhetoric, the US has had difficulties assimilating thousands of migrants from Haiti, Afghanistan, and of course Mexico.

With people waiting to enter the US,  makeshift camps have been set up at border towns such as Tijuana. Many migrants have complained about the treatment from local authorities. “Four days ago, the government took away our lights and fenced us in like animals,” said Guatemalan Andrea Morales. But migrants have misunderstood what the lifting of COVID travel restrictions means for them legally, “The border… is not a reopening for people to cross and ask for asylum and humanitarian aid,” said migrant advocate Jose Garcia.

The White House is also navigating newfound demand for international air travel in light of the eased restrictions. White House spokesman Kevin Munoz vaguely tweeted that “we are taking critical steps to be prepared by providing additional resources.”

Immigration remains a hot button issue among Americans, and those of us who fall on the conservative side of this decades-long problem simply aren’t being heard. Under Biden, migrants from all sorts of troubled countries see a green light into the United States. 

Photo Cred: David McNew/Getty Images