Parents Protest Government Intrusion In Education with School Walkout in Sacramento

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

The Dems don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. Their push for CRT and vaccine mandates led to resounding defeats in Virginia, New Jersey, Minneapolis, and Buffalo, as voters rejected radicalism for moderate liberalism and conservatism. Now, here in California, parents are waking up and fighting back against the tyrannical dictator-in-chief of California.

With Newsom’s unconstitutional mask mandate for children now in effect, concerned Californians gathered at the State Capitol building in their “The Government is not a Co-Parent Rally.” The event featured parents, grandparents, children, teachers, students, and others fighting against teachers’ unions and government tyranny.

The rally hosted many speakers, including Matthew Oliver, concerned parents, and House of Oliver wine and restaurant owner, who passionately cried “Welcome to the parent revolution.” Michael Wilkes, a high school teacher, put on administrative leave for teaching without a mask, also attended to voice his concerns over how the powerful want to divide us over our freedom and our children. Other participants included Rebecca Friedrichs of “For Kids and Country,” Boomer and Kima Bennett of “JesusFollowr University,” Our Children Our Choice, and the Independent Women’s Network.

But a high schooler named Lexi stole the show with her story of standing up to the administrative bullies. She shared that teachers didn’t make a big deal about mask-wearing and decided to forgo the cloth cage. That is, until one teacher sent her to the administrators for discipline, only to find none of the administrators donned in masks and therefore transferred out of the school altogether. The administrator at Lexi’s old school, Ponderosa High School, said that they feared losing their job over standing up against the mask mandate.

This is why Republicans are winning in the polls right now, as we’re slated to take back the House with a considerable gain. We are also likely to take back the Senate even though we have more seats to defend in swing states. And then, maybe the Democrats will finally purge the radicals from their party.

Photo Cred: Katy Grimes/ California Globe