Where in the World Did Gavin Newsom Go?

Written by T. Logan Dayne

There is no lack of stress when it comes to modern politics. Even politicians need a break every so often but the recent disappearance of Gavin Newsom has led many Californians to ask “Dude, where’s my governor?”  Newsom, not one to shy away from the camera or public appearances, has not been seen in public for two weeks. Before his last public photo op, showing him receiving his third Moderna shot for COVID-19 on October 27th, Newsom had originally planned to attend the climate summit, pledging to go just two days beforehand then cancelling suddenly due to “family obligations”, failing to even appear virtually.

Politicians of course have obligations to their families, but the mystery here is why has he been gone for so long? The lack of transparency to even answer the question if the governor is sick has led many to speculate. This did not go unnoticed by Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Newsom, who lashed out on twitter saying, “It’s funny how certain folks can’t handle truth. When someone cancels something, maybe they’re just in the office working; maybe in their free time they’re at home with their family, at their kids’ sports matches, or dining out with their wife. Please stop hating and get a life.” 

Ok, what is the truth then? Is he doing these things or not? If he is, why the secrecy? The now deleted tweet failed to answer the basic questions of where the governor was or how he was doing and the person closest to him not giving any direct answers only raises more questions. Constituents aren’t asking for every detail of the governor’s life, only why he has been gone so long and what he is up to. The lack of public appearances and photo ops is quite out of character for Gavin Newsom and as a public servant, especially since he is one to never shy away from the spotlight. His constituents deserve to have at least a little transparency on the matter. It may be too soon to slap Newsom’s face on the milk carton but his disappearance is being noticed more each passing day.

Photo Cred: Anne Wernikoff/ CalMatters