Congressman Issa Joins Lawsuit of COVID Vaccine for Navy SEALs

San Diego Congressman Darrell Issa has joined with fellow House Republicans in support of a lawsuit filed by 35 Navy SEALs who oppose taking the COVID-19 vaccination for religious purposes. Issa joins 36 of his colleagues in filing an amicus brief in support of the Navy SEALs who will have their case heard later this month. 

In a press release on Monday Issa stated, “I am proud to join my colleagues in directly communicating to this court that these members of the Navy have constitutional rights that no one – not even President Biden – can take away.” The lawsuit filed by the SEALs identifies Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as the defendants. Issa has been very vocal in his opposition to vaccine mandates and has criticized the Biden administration a number of times over this policy. Last week, Congressman Issa sent a letter to President Biden urging the President to halt the vaccine mandate for the military as it could have a negative impact on force readiness. Issa had also published an op-ed criticizing the Biden admin’s vaccine and COVID policy. He also highlighted that service members who objected to the vaccine were not dissidents or against the United States but are merely living by their principles. 

The most recent date from the Department of Defense shows that every branch of the military has a vaccination rate of over 90%, with the Navy and Air Force passing a vaccination rate of 95%. But as pointed out by Congressman Issa in his op-ed, that is not good enough for Biden as they have declared this unacceptable and a failure. 

Photo Cred: Ting Shen-Pool/Getty Images