Crime Surge Gets Worse With Smash-and-Grab at Garden Grove Gun Store

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

The endless streak of smash-and-grabs worsens as thieves have moved from stealing high-end apparel to firearms. In Garden Grove, criminals broke into Whitten Sales and stole 40 guns in the dead of night, then made off with their stolen goods in two BMWs. When police arrived at the crime scene, the crooks were long gone.

When interviewed about the crime, Garden Grove Police Lt. Mario Martinez stated, “Needless to say, it’s still a burglary, and it’s still a big concern of ours, obviously, with the amount of firearms that were taken.” But one other factor makes this case even more terrifying: Prop 47.

Prop 47, passed in 2014, changed felony sentencing in three dramatic ways. It first reclassified specific felony theft and drug offenses as misdemeanors. The law then allowed inmates serving felony sentences to petition courts to resent the newly established misdemeanor sentence. Finally, Prop 47 lets former inmates apply for misdemeanor convictions if they were incarcerated for felonies. Finally, Prop 47 lessens penalties to cut incarceration costs and divert funds to rehabilitation centers.

Prop 47 reassured criminals they won’t face any charges for petty theft crimes and are invigorated to not only go after commercial goods such as clothes, purses, and jewelry but now have turned their attention to deadly weapons. We now live in a culture where burglary is commonplace because lawmakers decided to prioritize the mob’s will over the people’s will. And cops are powerless to stop these hooligans since Democrat lawmakers have deemed the police systemically racist.

The Left has shifted our culture away from the American ideals by labeling everything they don’t like as racist and wish to tear down the system through violence. Now it’s clear that the Left has legalized lawlessness.

Photo Cred: Google Maps/ New York Post