Democrat Gov. Whitmer of Michigan Calls Vaccine Mandates a “Problem”

Written by Bobbie Wylie

On Monday, Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer told business owners that mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine could pose a “problem” for both small businesses and the state government.

Whitmer spoke with Michigan business owners earlier this week, and was asked the question, “What is on your radar that should be on ours at state government?” Several business owners mentioned President Biden’s vaccine mandates and how they could affect businesses. Governor Whitmer said that the state of Michigan has similar concerns, as it is also a major employer. 

On the topic of possible vaccine mandates, Whitmer said, “We’re an employer too, the state of Michigan. I know if that mandate happens, we’re going to lose state employees. That’s why I haven’t proposed a mandate. We have a lot of the same concerns.” She continued, ““It’s going to be a problem for all of us.”

Whitmer noted how a vaccine mandate can put a strain on employers, citing it as a main reason why she herself had not instituted a statewide vaccine policy. In the early stages of the pandemic, Whitmer had been one of the most pro-lockdown governors in the country, which lead to many calling for her resignation and a recall effort against her. Whitmer also received criticism when she was spotted at a bar without a mask, violating her own policy. Her husband also violated her COVID policy when he took their boat out during Memorial Day weekend in 2020 despite there being a stay-at-home order in Michigan. 

Witmer is the second major democrat governor to speak out against Biden’s vaccine mandate, giving way to tensions within the democratic party. Governor Laura Kelly of Kansas spoke out last month, stating that the vaccine mandate is not the “most effective” or “correct” for her state. 

On Tuesday, a federal judge blocked Biden’s mandate, creating another setback for the Biden administration’s push to mandate COVID-19 vaccines nationwide. The mandate would require all private companies with 100 or more employees to enforce a vaccine requirement by January 4, 2022. 

Photo Cred: Michigan Office of the Governor via AP, Pool, File