Gov. Newsom Goes on Book Promotion Tour as Crime Soars in California

Written by Bobbie Wylie

California Governor Gavin Newsom has gone on tour to promote his new book amid a growing crime crisis in the Golden State.

Newsom has flown to New York to promote his new book entitled, “Ben and Emma’s Big Hit” which is based on Newsom’s own experience growing up with dyslexia. The book tells the story of Ben, a young boy and baseball fan, who copes with his learning disability through baseball and the help of a teacher and friend.

Regarding his dyslexia, Newsom said, “It doesn’t go away. I’m dealing with this every day,” in an interview with The Associated Press. He says, “So many folks (with dyslexia) do give up, and that has tragic consequences. And others that don’t (give up) start to discover that this is the greatest gift in their life and they can’t imagine a life without it. That’s really been my experience.”

The governor’s travels come during a massive crime wave in California.  Since November, there have been a series of “smash and grab” robberies, to which Newsom has told local mayors to “step up” in reducing crime and holding criminals accountable.

Last week, Newsom gave a statement on the matter, saying, “If people are breaking in, people stealing your property, they need to be arrested. Police need to arrest them. Prosecutors need to prosecute them. Judges need to hold people accountable for breaking the law.” Notice there is no statement that “Governors need to focus on their constituent states instead of their book tour.” 

Gavin Newsom would much rather promote his book, painting a picture of a man who “never gives up,” than deal with the hard truths of crime at home. Newsom could start by repealing the disastrous Prop 47 which raised the threshold to what is considered felony shoplifting, grand theft, and forgery to $950. 

Photo Cred: AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu, File