Assemblyman Kiley Speaks Out Against School Vaccination Mandate Bill

Written by Andrew Morris

Sen. Richard Pan, D- Sacramento, contended in a California Medical Association news conference, that the state should veto vaccine exemptions in schools by forcing kids to take the shot to attend classes.

“We have an opportunity here to keep kids safe,” he stated. “As a pediatrician, parent and legislator, I am committed to giving the public confidence and certainty that we are working to prevent or slow down the next coronavirus surge. Legislators have the ability to pass laws to make our communities safe, including increasing vaccination rates to keep schools open and safe.”

Meanwhile, Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has voiced his staunch opposition to the bill, commenting that such policies are “Not protecting anyone,” citing a counter-study refuting the idea that schools are spread zones for the virus.

He goes further to say that the blatant “disrespect for parents, and the ignorance of science” will eventually lead parents to seek other forms of education for their children.

Kiley states that the real science of the issue does not support such drastic measures, and that people like Pan have an “obsession with mandates,” which don’t make sense considering the minimal risk of the virus on children.

Kiley includes that the kids are suffering greatly as a result of these heinous policies; California schools had the longest shutdowns, harshest procedures, and now many schools are mandating N95s regardless of vaccination status. Kiley also tweeted that more and more parents are electing to send their kids to schools, primarily because of mandates.  

With all this in mind however, Kiley is optimistic that there is a “good chance of stopping it” in the Assembly, since many similar procedures – for instance the vaccine passport system – were heavily opposed by Democrats in addition to Republicans, but going forward, the state should allow the parents to how to keep their own kids healthy.

Photo Cred: GV Wire/David Taub