City of Chula Vista Says Word “Gringo” Was Not Discriminatory

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

It seems as if the Left and the Right can’t see eye to eye on anything anymore, but at least we all can agree that racism is wrong. Or at least we could, as the Left has engaged in a new form of bigotry against white people. First, they demean white people, calling them racist based on their skin color and calling them out when they dare stand up for themselves.

One such example comes from Chula Vista City Councilman John McCann, who filed a complaint against the mayor, Mary Casillas Salas, for calling him a racial epithet.

The event took place on February 10, 2021, marking the completion of the Third Avenue Renovation Project at the restaurant El Cruce+241. Arlene Prater, who conducted the investigation, reported that “Councilmember McCann stated words to the effect of his ‘not being able to eat spicy food,’ and in response Mayor Salas stated words to the effect of his not being able to eat spicy food because he is a ‘Gringo’.”

While this may seem like a harmless quip between two work colleagues, the story has a darker side. Gringo, or foreigner, is a slur directed towards white people. Imagine what would’ve happened if McCann had commented racially towards Mayor Salas. City Council would not only force him out of office, but McCann would also have received numerous death threats. But when a white person is offended, it’s simply punching up.

But at the end of the day, the investigation concluded that Mayor Salas engaged in discrimination. But according to the investigation that is not what happened. Prater conveniently found no evidence that Salas’s behavior was biased in any way. This sort of anti-white behavior not only hurts people of all races but Democrats themselves.

Photo Cred: Gustavo Solis/ San Diego Union-Tribune