Concord Mall that was Victim of Massive Smash-and-Grab Has Another Robbery, Victim Shot

Written by Sasha Reva

Now people have to worry about their personal lives in the mall, where it should be safe. On New Years Eve, SunValley Mall in Concord was robbed and ended with a shooting. A customer who was trying to help the robbery victim, was wounded in a shooting. The shooting happened around 4 p.m Friday. The mall is located just 31 miles northeast of San Francisco

Jade Bell, who was working at the mall, spoke to KPIX-TV, and explained what she did when she heard a pop, “then I opened the door, and I was like ‘Get in Get in! Get in!’ and multiple people started flooding into our doors.”

“There was blood all over the floor,” one of the shoppers said to the newspaper. The shooting victim went to the hospital, where he was in critical but stable condition. No arrests have been made as of Sunday morning.

The investigation is ongoing and no other information is released. Just as recent in November, there was a robbery committed in the same mall at a jewelry store. The jewelry store in the mall was a victim of a smash-and-grab, a rising tactic by criminals. Organized criminals run into stores, smashing windows and grabbing what they can. These crimes have been on the rise ever since the passage of Prop 47, which changed what is considered a felony theft. 

Photo Cred: TripAdvisor