“Gavin Newsom is Rhetoric and no Action”; Faulconer Slams Newsom’s Policies

Written by T. Logan Dayne

Kevin Faulconer, former Mayor of San Diego and California Gubernatorial candidate, spoke on the San Diego local news station KUSI to criticize Newsom and emphasize how quickly California is “going the wrong direction,” in an interview. Faulconer focused on two of Newsom’s largest failures, skyrocketing homelessness and crime. The homelessness in California has exploded in recent years and many point to policies put in place by Newsom as the catalyst. Faulconer accused Newsom of “just throwing money at a problem but not making a solution.” The rise of homeless encampments not only leads to higher rates of crime but debases both communities and those individuals. “We know if you allow someone to live in a tent you’re condemning them to die in that tent…we are better than that,” Faulconer stated while citing his work done to alleviate homelessness in San Diego, dropping outdoor homelessness by 12 percent while mayor. 

Crime reform was another key factor talked about. Smash-and-grab crime videos have gone viral over the past few months, especially in bay area cities. Much of this has been attributed to the lax crime laws like Prop 47 that have been passed. This is part of a wider campaign to limit the prison population at a legal level rather than at the root of the cause. In the San Francisco bay area, many are leaving their car doors not just unlocked but open in an effort to deter thieves from breaking in. This, as resources are low from the “Defund the Police” movement, resulting in break-in and theft becoming low-priority and thieves often facing little consequences. Faulconer attacked Newsom’s stance on such policies as “virtue signaling” and says that we need to focus on “actions that are going to make a difference in people’s lives.” Faulconer is confident that Californians want change and a Sacramento that represents them. 

Photo Cred: Jae C. Hong, AP Photo