Los Angeles DA Gascon Under Fire For Juvenile Placement of Offenders

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

Democrats keep using the slogan “for the children” to make their woke agenda sound more appealing. After all, who would advocate for harming the most vulnerable among us in their right mind? Well, as it turns out, these same woke elites who claim that children are our future look the other way when bad people abuse them.

This past Thursday, a Los Angeles County Judge successfully prosecuted a child molester named Hannah Tubbs. But here’s the rub: not only will Tubbs only serve two years for this heinous crime, but instead of a prison sentence, this 26-year-old will serve in juvenile hall.

There are two reasons for this botched sentencing. The first one has to do with Los Angeles County DA George Gascon’s policy of trying adults as children if they committed crimes as minors. According to the Los Angele Times Tubbs was two weeks shy of 18 when he locked a 10-year-old girl inside Denny’s bathroom stall, grabbed her throat, and put his hand down her pants, Gascon believes it is appropriate to lump a pedophile in with a group of youths. Gascon has used studies that say brain development is not complete until the age of 25 which contends that juvenile detention can rehabilitate young adult offenders.

The second factor is that the offender went by James Tubbs during the incident but has since identified as female and changed his name to Hannah Tubbs. Therefore, Gascon wouldn’t try her as an adult.

Outraged over this, LA Deputy DA Jon Hatami released a statement saying, “Because of George Gascon’s blanket policy against transferring any juvenile to adult court, even if the 17-year-old rapes or murders an innocent child, James Tubbs will not have to register as a sex offender, will not spend any time in county jail or state prison, will be 26 and housed with juveniles for a very short period of time, and will be released with no probation or parole monitoring. The victims will get no justice. The public will get no safety.” Los Angeles Supervisor Kathryn Barger was also critical of Gascon saying, “The DA’s office failed to file a motion to transfer Tubbs to adult criminal court, which is where she rightly belongs”. Barger also described Tubbs’ crimes as “deplorable”. Tubbs had prior arrests in Idaho and Washington for drug possession, battery and probation violations which eventually linked her to the 2014 assault through DNA.

Gascon’s failure to adequately punish Tubbs has led to a second recall motion to oust him as DA of Los Angeles. We can only hope that the people of LA put their politics aside and remove a man from office who does not speak “for the children.”

Photo Cred: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images