Progressive Students Mocked TPUSA Club, Veterans at Cal State Fullerton

Written by Sasha Reva

Students at California State University-Fullerton claim that the university’s College Progressives club is cyber-bullying and harassing veteran and conservative students.

The chapter president of CSUF’s Turning Point USA club, Marcos Zelada-Rodas, who served in the U.S. Army from 2016 to 2019 as a Military Police Officer, was repeatedly cyberbullied by leftist students. One of the students admitted to deleting messages due to the fear of getting in trouble with university administrators, “I deleted the last one what if he reports me to the school”. The same student said,“Maybe I’ll bully [Zelada-Rodas] again another day”. “I hate when mother f***ers who weren’t even on active duty act all tough and rub in that they’re a veteran. ‘I fought for our country.’ You were in Philadelphia, Steve,”. The student, who goes under the username “cerealsock”, also fantasized that they would beat Zelda-Rodas in a fursuit.

It is shocking how students disrespect people who are fighting for their freedom. Unfortunately, another student advised that military members who are not on active duty and disagree with progressive viewpoints be dropped in the Korangal Valley, a place in Afghanistan where 42 American servicemen died fighting and hundreds of others were wounded and was nicknamed the “Valley of Death” by the American military, “We need to just drop them all in Korangal Valley. Then we can see how tough they are.” 

TPUSA students suspect that one of the students was Christian Lorenz, a member of the campus progressive group. He uses the same screen name on other social media profiles. Members of CSUF’s Turning Point USA chapter asked for the investigation of the College Progressives club for cyberbullying and harassment.  If it would be the Turning Point USA club that was harassing and cyberbullying, they would be “harshly” disciplined. Marcos said, “I have called for immediate disciplinary actions without any leniency due to their political views that the university may share.” “I know if a conservative acted in such a way they would be held to the highest standard and disciplined harshly, as they should.”

“We do not condone deliberately hurtful language,” President of the CSUF’s College Progressives club Nicholas Stratos said. “Our agreement is that any individual who acknowledges they’ve broken rules faces removal from the Discord as well as the club itself. We will also be reiterating these rules on the server following this incident.”

Photo Cred: Cal State Fullerton