San Diego County DA Summer Stephan Calls Out Other DA’s for Playing Politics

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

Remember 2020 when people burned down cities throughout the summer in the name of “racial tolerance”? With all the damage they caused, both to buildings and the social fabric, you’d think that district attorneys would prosecute these felons and send them to the Big House. But, of course, that would be true if Democratic DAs didn’t bail them out. Thankfully, San Diego County DA Summer Stephan believes in prosecuting violent offenders, which keeps San Diego the safest urban county in America.

Last Wednesday, Stephan joined Fox News’s David Asman to discuss the recent uptick in violent crimes. Stephan said that we are a country that follows the Constitution and the law. Therefore, the DA must apply the law fairly to everyone to ensure the safety of every citizen within their jurisdiction.

Asman then told how two women in New York City were beaten by a repeat offender who was then arrested and released the same day. The attack happened just six blocks from Asman’s home. Stephan responded by saying, “That’s really outrageous and it’s happening across California and across the nation. Unfortunately, there is definitely a tie between places where this happens more often and district attorneys are elected by special interests and essentially are following politics and not the needs of the people and serving the people. Lists are put out and policies are put out but there policies are written by people in academia, not people that actually look in the eyes of victims and see the terror and devastation that crime causes. When it’s written in silos and not in the real world it doesn’t make sense and the results are really devastating to public safety.”

Asman called out three specific District Attorney’s who have failed to keep their cities safe: Los Angeles DA George Gascon, Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner, and NYC DA Alvin Bragg. Asman said that they received tons of money from mega-donor George Soros and other far-left groups and asked Stephan how to change the narrative to get them out of office. Stephan responded, “Unfortunately, money shouldn’t be a part of elections. It should be about integrity, character, and competence”. In Stephan’s race for District Attorney back in 2018, she defeated Public Defender Genevieve Jones-Wright, who had a lot of donations from George Soros.

Fortunately, Stephan’s solution is to engage communities in public safety. So many people are concerned about Presidential and Senate elections but overlook local races. Therefore, if we can elevate the attention of offices like district attorneys, we can elect qualified people who will keep us safe.

Photo Cred: Nicholas McVicker/ KPBS