San Diego Unified Bars Out of Season Sports from Practicing

Written by Sasha Reva

Thousands of student-athletes are not allowed to practice during the off-season. They are not even allowed to work out even in the gym, when the last bell rings, the gym is going to be closed. So sports like football, baseball or even weight-lifting can not have any practices or workouts. 

Many parents are devastated because now their children have nothing to do, and instead of being healthy and athletic, they will not have any extracurricular activities to do during the down time of the primary sport. Many athletes who are vying for scholarships continue to practice in the off-season to get better and prepare for next season. When news broke, parent and father to student athletes Stephen Matsumoto said that students were devastated. The district will still allow P.E classes to take place, but will not allow anything after the bell, “If you have Phys Ed in bell-to-bell range, you’re fine to work out. But once the last bell rings you’re not allowed in the weight room” said Matsumoto. 

One of the biggest critics of this policy is Scripps Ranch Coach Marlon Gardinera. Gardinera was not only California’s Coach of the Year but is also the head of “Let Them Play”. The organization successfully sued Gavin Newsom for the right of students to play sports during the pandemic. Gardinera said he would, “have no problem going to the Governor for a change”. The memo sent from the district regarding this policy had a sentence that was quite disturbing, “Tell your coaches to just shut it down for three weeks… It will be one of their own that throws them under the bus if they try to skirt the directive.” Matsumoto said that all this does is harbor doom-and-gloom for students who are sick of the restrictions.  

Gardinera rightfully pointed out there is the risk when you sit within 6 feet of each other in a classroom and not as much risk when you are outside. People forgot what the immune system is and how to make it more powerful. All you need to do is physical activities, eat healthy food and spend more time outside.

Photo Cred: SDUSD