San Pasqual Academy Will Continue After Approval From County Supervisors

Written by William Hekman

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to allow San Pasqual Academy to continue operations. The academy will be transitioning into a multipurpose campus for foster youth. 

Chief Administrative Officer Helen Robbins-Meyer was asked by the supervisors to develop a plan that would get more funding for the academy while also including state and federal guidance on licensing standards. San Pasqual Academy would serve as an education center for children in foster care or who are at risk of foster care, unaccompanied minors, and youths who have been in the juvenile justice system. According to the County Board of Supervisors, the academy is a residential educational campus used specifically for foster youth. It is also the first in the nation to do such.

 The academy, located in Escondido, was in danger of being permanently shut down last October due to declining enrollment and a loss of funding due to changes to the funding system regarding foster care. However, a judge in San Diego Superior Court granted a temporary injunction to allow San Pasqual Academy to stay open.  Supervisor Jim Desmond applauded the decision on KUSI, “I love it, I’m so ecstatic” said Desmond. Desmond said that many of the foster children who attend San Pasqual Academy consider it their home, and they are even allowed to stay when they turn 18. Desmond also said that while the state may appeal the decision from the Superior Court judge, they are still moving forward to expand services to foster children. 

The decision to keep San Pasqual Academy open is certainly one to celebrate. The academy has brought in many children who have struggled in their lives and has given them a safe and caring environment for them to learn and grow. 

Photo Cred: Tania Thorne/ KPBS