SDUSD Can Not Continue With Vaccine Mandate Says Judge

Written by T. Logan Dayne

San Diego Unified was sued last year for attempting to implement a vaccine mandate on students 16 and over. This was brought to court by a North County based organization called Let Them Choose which strongly opposed the mandate and consequential ultimatum.

Last month this culminated in a win for Let Them Choose, as Judge John Meyer said that the school districts did not have the legal authority to implement such a mandate for a vaccination requirement on their own. Despite this blow, San Diego Unified filed an appeal and then proceeded to distribute a memo suggesting that it would blatantly impose the mandate anyway. This mandate would affect student-athletes and those participating in extracurriculars, requiring that they need a vaccine in order to participate. This could potentially impact more that 2,000 students of age 16 and up who have not received their first COVID vaccine by the district’s deadline. They would be forced into remote learning and banned from participating in extracurriculars. Let Them Choose once again took San Diego Unified to court.

San Diego Unified argued that they were not violating the ruling because they had not enforced consequences for unvaccinated students. Judge Meyer stuck down the argument and stated that the mandate could not be implemented while the ruling is under appeal. 

Photo Cred: SDUSD File Photo