Incident in California High School Shows the Ridiculousness of COVID Policies in Schools

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

A teacher’s job, first and foremost, is to make sure that every student has a chance to succeed in the classroom, even special needs students who need some extra help. But instead, teachers at Palm Desert High School locked a special needs kid in a glass prison, all in the name of “science.”

The student, 17-year-old Chase Coughlin, chose to return to in-person learning to stay in touch with his friends as isolating kids from one another hinders their development and ability to socialize. On top of that, Chase also has autism, a heart with only two chambers, and one kidney. These medical conditions prevent him from receiving the vaccine or wearing a mask. Therefore, when he returned to school, administrators stuck him in the back of the room behind plexiglass. The worst part of this story is that Chase was instructed not to interact with any students.

But when the Desert Sands Unified School District forced Chase back into Zoom school, California Policy Center stepped in to help Chase. Their Parent Union team organized rallies for Chase and his mother, Tara, to speak at and raise awareness of the public school systems’ failure to accommodate students in need. At the “Our Children, Our Choice” rally, they were met with “Team Chase” signs from parents showing their support for the teen and his family, giving them a sense of hope that Chase could simply return to school.

After two years of COVID lockdowns, our woke overlords still don’t understand that you can’t just isolate people and expect them to come out unscathed, especially children who are the lowest fatality risk for COVID. So if the Left really wanted to protect your children, they would have let them stay in school where they are protected against isolation.

Photo Cred: Taya Gray/ Desert Sun