Pork Bellies and Political Prostitutes

Written by Daniel Smiechowski
The upcoming election for San Diego City Council District 2 is like a walk through Pigalle and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Candidates are hoarding more cash than locusts in the Western Sahara. This must stop. It is immoral and unethical and beneath the dignity of our American ideal of justice and a game won fairly.
How is it possible that despite the small size of this City Council District, campaign contributions from all four corners of the United States arrive in a candidate’s coffers? Do residents of Key West, Florida and Bangor, Maine really have a dog in the fight? Do these people care about San Diego or more about their buddies? And what about all these obscene endorsements? The incumbent in District 2 has more powerful elite folks behind her campaign than Carters got liver pills. How is this possible since this person was under the cloud of recall for practically her whole tenure on the City Council? This is a disconnect nonpareil.
But the beat goes on and on and on and on! Year after year, unwitting voters fall for the false narrative on perception of victory. Like a baby to her mother, these voters instinctively gravitate to who they see as a winner. Except to win in politics, one must compromise the truth. With the acting talent and crocodile tears of an Audrey Hepburn, these disingenuous candidates play a ruse and dupe would be voters into political prostitution. In short, both campaign loot and endorsements prove more lucrative than ideas, work ethic, honesty, truthfulness and vision. This is wrong. This must end.
Photo Cred: Getty Images