Spending $837,000 To House One Person; L.A. Spending Out Of Control

Written by T. Logan Dayne

A 2016 measure known as Proposition HHH, was set to build 1,200 homes to help with homelessness. As of today, that project is far behind estimates. As home costs skyrocket, the price for a single housing unit is expected to reach $837,000 a city audit unveiled. This is also exacerbated by inflation, lumber shortage, and labor shortages. The scarcity of which creates a higher demand causing increased prices.

The homelessness estimate has also risen dramatically putting the estimated number of housing units behind what was expected. Many of those on the streets suffer from drug addiction or some form of mental illness. Estimates put this number at roughly 41,000. Violence has become commonplace in much of the area as homelessness is spilling over into other districts as well. 

Mayor Garcetti appeared to dispute these claims and other indications that Proposition HHH was off track stating that the program, “is producing more units than promised, at lower costs than expected,” and continued to say, “There are already 1,200 units online providing critical housing and services. And HHH will deliver over 10,300 units of supportive and affordable housing by 2026.” Despite Garcetti’s assurance, the government’s failure to clear many streets, parks, and sidewalks are being noticed by voters. It’s also being seen in California’s pocketbook as well.

Roughly $12 billion is being spent to combat the problem over the next two years in California. In just L.A. that $1 billion is being put into the budget, an increase of  10,000% or 100 times that was spent on homelessness when Garcetti took office. The audit concluded by saying, “While future plans have not been finalized, building tens of thousands of additional units using the same model will likely cost billions of dollars and will take far too long to match the urgency of the ongoing homeless emergency.”

Photo Cred: AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes