Attempts to Stop Tax Hikes in California Being Lead By Reform California

Written by Vincent Cain

Despite California already having the highest gas prices in the country, state politicians are now trying to set a costly mileage tax on all drivers.

Carl DeMaio is currently leading the opposition to this mileage tax, which he says “would probably be 3 to 4, maybe even 6 cents per mile that people drive.” So the average driver, who drives an average of 15,000 miles a year, would be charged an extra $600 on top of the car and gas tax to drive.

DeMaio says that politicians want to make driving “painful” for people to drive because they don’t want people to own cars, which is part of their plan to destroy the lives of our citizens, attempting to be as green as possible.

DeMaio is currently collecting signatures to block these tax hikes and make sure they are not considered fees without a vote of the people of California with a two-thirds majority. He is also pressuring Newsom and other state politicians to suspend the gas tax imposed by the state, which you can sign a petition to stop this at 

Suspending this gas tax would help lower the extremely high prices of gas down towards the national average, which is necessary at this time when gasoline can be well over $5 a gallon. In addition, there is a whopping $1.26 of taxes per gallon of gas today in California, which the Governor can easily change at any time.

With rampant inflation and an already rising price for nearly everything, suspending this gas tax is necessary and could save the average California family will save over $215 per month. Even cutting these taxes in half would still save a significant amount for the average Californian family.

Photo Cred: Getty Images