California Dries Up, Politicians Call For More Water Conservation

Written by T. Logan Dayne

In what has been the driest start to a year in the history of California, officials are asking Californians once again to help conserve water. California is now entering its 3rd year of the drought. This drought followed quickly after the last drought ended only a few years prior.

Although California had time to prepare for future droughts, which would mean cheaper food for many Americans, California politicians chose to shut down attempts to build dams and reservoirs in order to save an invasive species of fish. A decision that will hurt not just Californians but others across the world as prices everywhere now begin to rise sharply. 

California Gov. Gavin Newsom just last year asked Californians to conserve water in order to save an additional 15%, a goal that fell short by half. California is desperately trying to get out the message to save water. The state’s Save Our Water campaign is dedicated to helping inform people on how to save water so individuals can “Do your part”. California has resorted to its method of last resort, that is, to throw more money at the problem. The state has approved an additional $10.5 million just to advertise to the public to conserve water. This comes as the reservoir levels hit roughly 60% of their typical average for this time of year. But even with this knowledge, it doesn’t seem like those in charge of California have any answers besides to advertise to the public. Water has been an important resource for farmers in California for over a century and yet it is a constantly neglected problem who aim to appeal to the urban voters. 

Photo Cred: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images