Democrats Gut Gas Tax Suspension Bill, Add On Tax On Gas Suppliers

For the last few weeks, Republicans have tried to pass a bill that would suspend the gas tax and provide relief to all California residents. Democrats voted against the bill twice in two weeks. Instead of providing relief with rising gas prices, Democrats have introduced the same bill. But instead of suspending the tax, it would create a new tax.

Democrat Assemblyman Alex Lee of San Jose introduced an amendment to the bill that gutted the original bill’s suspension of the gas tax. The amendment imposed a new tax on gas suppliers when the price of a gallon of gas becomes “abnormally high” compared to the cost of a barrel of crude oil. The tax revenue would go back to Californians in a rebate, which the Democrats and Governor Newsom have proposed before. Once again the Democrats are stuck on the idea of giving a rebate, rather than suspending the gas tax which they think will take revenue away from transportation projects. 

Republicans were angered by the Democrat’s amendment, and rightfully so. Republican Assembly Leader James Gallagher said, “Only Capitol Democrats would think you can bring down gas prices by increasing the gas tax,”. Gallagher also called the amendment a “stunt”. Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, who introduced the original gas tax suspension bill, called the move by the Transportation Committee a “hijacking”. Fellow Assemblyman Vince Fong from Bakersfield called it a “travesty” and called the amendment “asinine”. Instead of working with Republicans on this issue, Democrats jammed down their policies into this bill, and they are defending this move. Democrat Assemblywoman Laura Friedman was shocked to see Republicans upset saying she was, “a little appalled and shocked that you all are so appalled and shocked by this.” 

Once again, Democrats show how out of step they are with the average person. Rather than provide relief to Californians they have instead decided to push new taxes that will only make gas prices higher. 

Photo Cred: Robyn Beck/ AFP via Getty Images