Gas Prices Continue to Surge in San Diego County

Written by Vincent Cain

For the 29th day in a row, gasoline prices have risen, with the average in San Diego reaching a record $5.968 per gallon. Over the past 29 days, gas has risen $1.224, which has set a record every day according to the AAA and Oil Price Information Service figures. Gasoline is $1.212 higher than a month ago and $2.046 greater than a year ago.

Marie Montgomery, a public relations specialist with the Automobile Club of Southern California, said, “The major factor in the latest price increases continues to be the uncertainty around the Torrance Refinery restart.”

Currently, California has an average price of gasoline $1.65 higher than the national average at $5.875. According to AAA figures, the current California average is more than twice the national average a year ago, which sat at $2.877.

According to the American Automobile Association, the Los Angeles area price of a regular gallon of gas shot to $6.01, making it the first in the country to pass the $6 mark. The statewide average has continued to rise even as the national average has started to drop.

Gas prices keep going up in California but are decreasing nationally because several oil refineries have been experiencing problems and have limited gasoline production. In addition, another refinery had over 500 workers go on strike, contributing to the rising prices.

Many Southern California counties will start requiring retail gas stations to sell a “summer blend,” a more expensive mix designed to reduce air pollution. Several other counties are expected to do the same on May 1 or June 1.

Photo Cred: CBS 8